2016 CD Releases

Half of the year 2016 is almost over and I have seen and bought again a number of new CDs which I would like to present during the next few weeks.

I got a set of new CD Releases from Posi-Tone Records:

  • Ed Cheery: Soul Tree
  • Ken Fowser: Standing Tall
  • Tom Tallitsch: Gratitude
  • Walt Weiskopf: The Way You Say It

Then a new CD from Dr. Lonnie Smith called “Evolution”, I obviously bought Gregory Porter “Take Me To The Alley” and finally a brand new CD from the Daniel Bennett Group called “Sinking Houseboat Confusion”.

And after 40 years I finally got “Wish You Were Here” from Pink Floyd. Not much to say here except that I remember looking at this album cover every week in the store in the 70′s but never really had the guts to buy it….